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RV-10 Work Session #12

I (Steve) was gone for a couple of weeks on vacation. Mark S. has been the plane captain in my absence and has done a great deal of QC work on the empennage section to make the “joining” of the empennage with the fuselage a pain-free, seamless process. At this time, the tail section has been cleaned up and is fit for joining. All the prep, dimpling, countersinking has been done. The “Finish” kit was ordered before I left on vacation. This kit includes the motor mounts, the gear, the doors, and other items to more or less complete the structural elements of the airplane. As of Friday morning, January 24, the 340-pound box of stuff was sitting on a SAIA loading dock in Baltimore. They are supposed to deliver it to my office today. If I get it, I will bring it to Saturday’s session. The “Firewall Forward” kit was ordered on Wednesday. This includes the oil cooler, engine baffles, fresh air intake box, hoses, etc. for the FWF area. This will take 3 weeks to get.
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