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RV-10 Work Session #14

Good progress on the RV-10 continued Thursday evening and Saturday morning. The tail cone was removed once more so several tasks could be completed before the final mating of tail cone and fuselage. Static ports were riveted in and bulkheads and skins dimpled and/or countersunk. By Saturday morning, the tail cone was nearly ready for final installation. The forward tail cone bulkhead was the first thing dealt with on Saturday. Some plate nuts that had been installed too early had to be carefully removed from the lower section of the bulkhead. Then the lower section was riveted to the rest of the bulkhead and the bulkhead permanently installed in the tail cone. Finally it was then time to permanently mate the tail cone to the fuselage. Thanks to earlier preparation and lots of practice, the process went pretty smoothly and everything fit perfectly. After a thorough inspection and review of the plans, the two sections will be riveted together on Wednesday. The crate containing the finish kit has arrived. Another task on Wednesday may involve unpacking and inventorying its contents. The kit will provide some side projects such as landing gear and wheel assembly. The next work session will be Wednesday, January 28th at 9:00.
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