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RV-10 Work Session #11

There was a lot going on today. The mating of the tail cone with the fuselage presented a number of issues that needed to be corrected before everything would fit properly. The tail cone longerons were slightly too long and the shims that frame the baggage door were improperly installed. Both problems were successfully corrected today. The bottom skins where the tail cone and fuselage come together were also match drilled and the bulkhead at that point prepared for riveting. The tail cone and fuselage should fit much better when we bring them together again next time. Meanwhile Lew and Mike began work on a shelter for our outside heating unit. It seems when it rains or snows in cold weather the water runs off the roof, freezes on the heating unit, and turns it into a block of ice. They completed the frame, but a lack of enough plywood prevented them from putting a roof on it yet. The Cub also got a little attention as Jerry came and worked on bleeding the brakes in hopes of tightening them up a bit. The next work session will be Thursday evening at 6:30. There will be no work session on Saturday due to the RV assembly workshop. Setup for the workshop will be on Friday at 1:00.
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