Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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RV-10 Work Session #8

The RV-10 project attracted a large turnout today. The focus was on both ends of the tail cone. Unlike most of the rest of the plane, the tail cone was not part of a quick build kit assembled by the factory. It was built by an individual who eventually abandoned the project. Some questionable riveting had been noticed and corrected earlier, so it was decided to give the rest of the structure a more thorough inspection. Two teams worked on both ends of the tail cone at the same time, inspecting and re-doing some of the riveting. It was also found at the front end that some parts of the skin which were supposed to be dimpled were instead machine counter-sunk, so that had to be corrected as well. By the end of the session, the tail cone was much closer to being ready to mate with the fuselage. Meanwhile, Tim Reger volunteered to send out our O-235 engine parts and we discussed brake issues on the Cub. The next work session will be Wednesday morning January 8th at 9:00.
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