Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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RV-10 Work Session #6

Good progress continued on the RV-10 today. Several people worked on getting the baggage compartment door ready to install. More plate nuts were also added to a bulkhead that will soon go in the tailcone. Meanwhile, work on the tailcone itself continued in preparation for mating it to the cabin section. We also took advantage of unseasonably nice weather to take the Cub out and do some tests. The engine proved hard to start, but we finally got it going. The new tach works, and showed that our idle is set too high. During a runup the brakes did not hold the plane very well and will need adjustment. The radio and intercom were tested with the engine running and worked fine. Some folks said they would be around on Wednesday, January 1st in spite of it being a holiday, so we will have a session that day. Thursday, January 2nd is our monthly chapter meeting. Following that, the next RV-10 session will be Saturday, January 4th at 9:00.
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