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RV-10 Work Session #4 & 5

The focus this week was to finally nail down exactly what is completed with the quick build kit and where we should proceed next, along with preparing to mate the tail cone with the rest of the fuselage. On Thursday evening panels were removed from the fuselage to see what had already been completed behind them. This, plus further review of the plans compared to the fuselage, revealed that a very large portion of the fuselage work is already done. The next steps involve the baggage compartment door and installing the heavy tubular entry steps. This will soon be followed by mating the tail cone to the fuselage, so on Saturday a lot of time was devoted to preparing the tail cone. Mary, being our smallest member, was able to get inside the tail cone to give it a final cleaning. She then helped drill out holes and cleco parts in place. The baggage compartment door was cut out, reinforcements installed, and the aft end of the fuselage prepared for mating to the tail cone. The Cub also finally got its replacement tach that turns counterclockwise, so it is now officially ready to fly. Due to the holidays there will be no work sessions on Wednesday or Thursday next week. The next work session will be Saturday, December 28th at 9:00.
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