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RV-10 Work Session #3

Work proceeded on several projects today. Jerry focused on preparing the O-235 engine for cleaning and inspection. By the end of the session, he had the crankcase, crankshaft, and related small parts crated and ready for shipment. Meanwhile, early work on the RV-10 continued. The job of sorting hardware for the RV-10 was completed by Lew and Mary. A review of the plans also continued and a starting point determined which turned out to be the area around the baggage compartment door. Parts for that were located and clecoed in place to check for fit. The slow process of cleaning up and putting away things from the Cub project also continued. The folks at Keystone Instruments called to say our tach is finished and on the way. With that installed, we'll be ready to fly the Cub whenever we get a break in the weather. The next RV-10 session will be Thursday evening December 19th at 6:30, followed by a Saturday session on the 21st at 9:00.
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