Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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RV-10 Work Session #1

The RV-10 project officially got underway this evening with a session devoted to organization. After a short briefing by Steve, we divided tasks among us and got to work. Tools were inventoried and compared to a list of tools required for the project provided by Vans. Between what the Chapter owns and tools Steve brought in, we already have almost everything needed. The hardware and small parts kits were compared to a Vans inventory list. There, we ran into a problem as most of the bag numbers did not match the list. After a little research Steve discovered the correct list on-line. A collection of larger parts were sorted according to whether they belonged to the fuselage or the wings. Steve is working on finishing the wings elsewhere, so the wing parts are going home with him. Once that was done, Richard and Lew started comparing the fuselage plans to the fuselage to determine what had already been completed in the quick build kit versus what still needed to be done. A set of hardware cabinets were also secured to the wall and labels applied to the drawers. Work will continue on Saturday, December 14th at 9:00.
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