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Cub Work Session #307

Today was moving day. The Cub was moved into its own hangar next door and Steve's RV-10 project moved into the chapter hangar. The biggest puzzle was how to fit the Cub in with Joe's Challenger in the Cub hangar. We moved a lot of things around in the hangar and tried several different ways to fit the two together. Part of the solution we settled on involved removing the tail feathers from the Challenger. Once that was done we were able to get both planes in, but the arrangement is still not ideal. To get the Cub out it will be necessary to move the Challenger out first. Joe is looking into finding hangar space at a grass field more appropriate for the Challenger such as nearby Keymar. Meanwhile, the RV-10 project was moved in and organized. The fuselage cabin area is a complete quick build kit. The tail cone is mostly finished as well. An attempt was made to mate the two, but fitting proved difficult, so it was decided to put that off until later. The schedule for the new RV-10 project will be a little different from our Cub schedule. Steve is not available weekdays, so we are going to work Saturdays starting around 9:00 and Thursday evenings starting around 6:30. We will, of course skip chapter meeting Thursdays. Steve is hoping to put out periodic notices to the chapter concerning upcoming tasks on the project. As with the Cub, all chapter members are welcome to come participate and learn. The Cub is still waiting on a tach, a couple of placards, and some log book sign-offs. Once that is done it will be time for first flight. Exciting times. Join in the adventure as we tackle our next project; the next RV-10 work session will be Wednesday morning, 11 Dec, at around 9:00 a.m.
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