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Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #306

A small group today worked on some finishing details. Having completed adjustments in the engine compartment last time, we reinstalled the cowlings. Two plates that together cover the forward wing spars inside the cabin were also permanently installed. The rubber weather stripping on the upper wing root fairings was trimmed around the screws so it would lay flat. Some time was also devoted to the hand held radio. The three frequencies needed for operations around the airport were programmed in, which will make it easy to just toggle between them when flying. Headset and push to talk switch connections were made and tested. A call to the tower confirmed that we could both transmit and receive reasonably well. We spent most of the rest of our time beginning the process of cleaning up and putting away things from the project. We are still awaiting a tach. The folks at Keystone say it will be at least another week. Apparently a recording tach that runs counterclockwise is hard to find. The tach and two placards, which are on order, are all that is left to do. Otherwise the airplane is ready to fly. The next steps will involve final sign-offs, testing, and moving into the Cub hangar next door. The next work session will be Saturday, December 7th at 9:00.
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