Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #305

The Cub is now another step closer to flying. The day started with finishing up some work on the wraparound wing root fairings. We then installed the cowlings, opened the hangar, and took the plane out to swing the compass. Mark got the honor of being the first to taxi the airplane. He checked steering and brakes along the way and said everything felt good and very responsive. The airport’s compass rose is located on the taxiway in front of AOPA’s big NACC hangar. We got the Cub down there and got the plane leveled and aligned with North. Just then the the AOPA hangar opened and we had to get out of the way as they brought out two planes to fly. We had to wait quite a while, but once they were gone, we finished the job by aligning the plane with East. Jerry made adjustments and noted the corrections needed for deviation card. The plane wouldn’t start for the return trip to the hangar so we pushed it back. Once back inside, we traced the starting problem to the primer nozzle at the carburetor. The blockage was removed and that problem corrected. There still remain a few details to be checked off. A couple of cover plates in the interior need to be installed. The corrected tach hasn’t come back from the folks at Lock Haven yet and a couple of required placards are on order. Once the tach is installed we need to arrange for Dick Fox to return and sign off the annual inspection. Both the chapter hangar and the Cub’s hangar need to be prepared for the Cub to move out. Work will continue on Wednesday, December 4th at 9:00.
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