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Cub Work Session #303

Today we accomplished some of the few remaining details on the Cub. Our business meeting was today and it was decided to go ahead and change the insurance status of the plane to “flying” since we hope to fly it during the coming month. Raegan worked on reinstalling plates and some of the wing root fairings. On her own, she also cleaned out the refrigerator - thanks Raegan! Requirements for installing and testing the ELT were researched and discussed. Robert got out his laptop as was able to register the ELT with NOAA online. We still need to do a test that requires a special plug that we don’t have. Robert is going to try to bring one in on Wednesday to complete that test. Once that is done we will be able to install the ELT permanently and then reinstall the rear seat. The forward wraparound wing root fairings are still giving us fits. We discussed several possible ways to improve how they fit, but didn't act on any of them yet in order to get Jerry's input. The carb heat cable was another issue that got some attention. Dick noted that it has a sort of spring to it that keeps it from closing properly. It was decided that it may need a different kind of bolt and nut combination to relieve that tension. Meanwhile, several of us worked on the Cub hangar. Some things belonging to the chapter were moved back into the chapter hangar. Dave brought his truck and we loaded it with stuff for the dump including all the old fabric. Gone are the remains of the blue Cub. If we can position Joe's Challenger a little differently, we should now be able to get the Cub in its own hangar. Our list of things left to do on the Cub grows shorter. We need to get a tach back from Lock Haven. The carb heat cable, wing root fairings, ELT test, seat replacement, and a few interior plates are all that remain. Work on all of this will resume Wednesday, November 27th at 9:00.
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