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Cub Work Session #301

Today was inspection day. Dick Fox arrived this morning to give the Cub its initial annual inspection. Since Dick did not take part in the restoration project, he was able to give the Cub a thorough, objective, inspection. He started by reviewing all the paperwork with Jerry, then began going over the plane. He noted about a dozen mostly minor corrections or improvements we should take care of. We also still need to deal with the tach. In looking at old photos, we discovered that the new tach turns the wrong direction. The folks at Keystone in Lock Haven said they would fix it. We may try to fly it up there this week if the weather cooperates. Dick had us take the plane out and run it again. It started on the second pull and runs great. Our remaining tasks are to clean up the corrections Dick noted, finish with the wing root fairings, and prepare the Cub hangar. We will tackle all of this at our next work session which will be Wednesday, November 20th at 9:00.
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