Chapter 524

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Cub Work Session #300

A small group today worked on finishing details. On Monday the folks at Keystone Instruments in Lock Haven kindly fixed our airspeed indicator. (During the engine start the indicator needle fell off.) Our first order of business today was to reinstall it. The fellow at Keystone also confirmed that we have the correct cable for our tach so we won’t know until we start the engine again whether relieving tension on the cable fixed that problem. Most of the rest of the time was spent installing inspection plates. The L-shaped plates back at the rudder have a spacer that separates the two plates. Mike made a new spacer and he and Tom found the right hardware to install it properly. Meanwhile, Lou and Mary installed all of the remaining rectangular plates. We also spent some time mulling over once again the curved fairings that go up along the windshield. We did a comparison of the new fairings with the old and discovered there are holes in the old ones that have no corresponding holes along the wing root rib. The new ones would fit better if we could attach them like the originals, but it would require drilling through our new leading edge skins as well as the rib. There were too many questions about how to best go about dealing with this, so we decided to wait until Jerry was around to give his expert opinion. Another project that got some attention was the crate that will be used to send the crankshaft of our donated engine away for inspection. The finished crate is a nice piece of woodworking. The next work session will be Saturday, November 16th at 9:00. Dick Fox is scheduled to come do our final inspection at that time.
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