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Cub Work Session #299

Today we worked on resolving instrument issues and finishing fairings and plates. We began the session by removing the cowling, turning the fuel back on, and checking for leaks. No problems were found. When we started the engine last Wednesday, the tach failed to work and the airspeed needle fell off, so we removed both instruments. We then tried to determine if the tach failure was due to the instrument or the cable. The cable was found to have a very sharp bend in the engine compartment that may have been binding on the inner shaft. So we relieved some tension on the cable by pulling more of it aft of the firewall. That seemed to make the shaft turn more freely, so we put it all back together in hopes that it will now work properly. We won’t know until we have a chance to run the engine again. The airspeed indicator will have to go back to the instrument shop in Lock Haven. Hopefully, we can get that taken care of this week. Meanwhile, a lot of time and effort was spent on the right hand forward wraparound fairing. These fairings have proven very difficult to fit. We finally decided to try comparing the new fairing to the old one and discovered that the lower end of the new fairing was a lot wider than the original. So, by stages, we trimmed small pieces off the fairing end and repeatedly test fit until it now looks like it will fit pretty well. Final fitting will happen during the next session which will be Wednesday, November 13th at 9:00.
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