Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #298

It was a momentous day for the Cub project. The first order of business was to weigh the plane. Tom and Kris Crone brought over their scales and ramps. We then leveled the plane to make datum measurements. The ramps for putting the plane on the scales are too long to be used in the hangar, so we removed all of the panels and opened the hangar doors. For the first time in many years the complete airplane rolled out into the daylight. We then rolled the plane up on the scales, leveled it, and read the scales. The empty weight came out to be 742 pounds. Gross weight for this Cub is 1220 pounds, which gives us a 406 pound useful load with full fuel. The plane was then rolled back outside off the scales. Since it was already outside, Jerry declared it was time to run the engine. After several tries and some additional priming, the engine started right up. Oil pressure came right up and the engine ran very smooth. However, two problems became immediately apparent. First, the tach needle didn’t budge. Somehow the instrument and the tach cable are not on speaking terms. This will need to be investigated. The second problem was very odd. As soon as the engine started, the airspeed indicator needle popped off. So it looks like both instruments will have to be removed and at least the airspeed indicator will have to go back to the instrument shop in Lock Haven. The next work session will be Saturday, November 9th at 9:00.
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