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Cub Work Session #297

Today the focus was entirely on fairings and inspection panels. There are a lot of them on a Cub and most of them are new and require measuring, marking, drilling, and fitting. And sometimes adjusting and refitting. It is a slow process. But good progress was made today. A lot of time was spent again on the wing root fairings, most of which are now done. The curving wraparound fairing up at the windshield is the hardest to fit and install. We still have one of those yet to do. Meanwhile, Raegan and Mark took care of installing the plates that go on the forward end of the horizontal stabilizer. Raegan got a good lesson on drilling and deburring from Mark. A lot of other plates were either installed or at least marked and prepped for installation. The plan is now to weigh the airplane on Wednesday, provided the scales are available. The next work session will be Wednesday, November 6th at 9:00.
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