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Cub Work Session #296

More detail work continued today with a small group. A lot of time was devoted to the long upper wing root fairings. The right fairing got all the holes matched up and drilled. We then worked on applying the rubber weather stripping along both edges of each of them. This proved to be a slow and tedious process. The rubber stripping is very narrow, so it is tricky to get the contact cement on both surfaces cleanly. In preparation for running the engine we put three gallons of fuel in the tank and checked for leaks. Fortunately, there weren’t any. The rear seat was also reinstalled so we can use it when running the engine. Toward the end of the session, Mike and Mark took a first step toward one of our next projects. They reworked the crate that Mike had built for the Cub crankshaft so that it would accommodate the crankshaft for the donated Lycoming engine. We will soon be sending the crankshaft and crankcase out for cleaning and inspection. This past week, Jerry and Neil Wright worked on assembling and recording the required paperwork for the logs. The plan for the next session includes finishing with wing root fairings and inspection plates, weighing the aircraft, and maybe running the engine. The next session will be Saturday, November 2nd at 9:00.
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