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Cub Work Session #293

A good turnout today resulted in a lot of detail work getting accomplished. As expected, the wing root fairings are proving to be very difficult to install. They are new, so getting them aligned with holes on the fuselage, wing, and each other is something of a puzzle. The forward wrap-around fairing along the windshield is especially tricky, not only because of the bend required, but because a curving piece of rubber weather stripping must be included. The glue holding it on the fairing does not seem to be strong enough and it keeps trying to come off when working with it. Meanwhile, Mark safetied all of the aileron turnbuckles and many cotter pins were installed. Katie, Dimitri, and a friend teamed up on applying the leather reinforcements where the aileron cables pass through fabric. They did a beautiful job. Chris went around the plane with a soldering iron and opened drain holes. The engine will soon be run for the first time, so Jerry decided we should get the engine turned and prop aligned so that it will be in the right position for hand propping. Once the engine was set to the right position and marked on a bolt and the prop, we installed the prop on the hub and torqued all of the bolts. Work on the fairings and other details will continue on Wednesday, October 23rd at 9:00.
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