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Cub Work Session #292

Despite having a smaller than usual group today we still made some good progress on the Cub. Jerry continued work on the wing root fairings. Since the fairings are new, matching and drilling holes is a slow process. Meanwhile, others worked on completing the installation of aileron control cables. Once the final cable on the right wing was in place, we made the connections in the cabin, including the tricky one to the control stick under the floorboards. That done, all the controls are now installed and working. The next step will involve adjusting the aileron turnbuckles to the proper balance and tension. The cables that run up the lift struts require fair leads which can be difficult to install because of the tight snap ring that holds them in place. Lou and his daughter Mary put a lot of time into mastering that task. The next work session will be Saturday, October 19th at 9:00.
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