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Cub Work Session #291

Steady progress continued on the Cub today. The first order of business was to torque down and cotter pin all of the remaining wing and strut attachments. Then it was time to start running aileron cables. The cables penetrate the fabric on the underside of the wing on their way to the aileron horns. This is a little tricky since the fabric has to be cut at the correct spot for the cables to end up on a straight line between the pulleys and the horns without running into any internal wing structures. We have a diagram with measurements from Clyde Smith, but it is always a bit unnerving to be cutting into our nice fabric job. It would be hard to fix if we got it wrong. Fortunately, it all came out right and we got both lower cables and one of the upper cables run with no major problems. Meanwhile, several other tasks were in progress. The two ends of the pitot tube were joined together and a soldering iron was used to open drain and rivnut holes. Dimitri made and installed a new leather reinforcement for where the pitot tube penetrates the wing. Mary prepared the new wing root fairings by removing the huge amount of stubborn tape that was applied during painting. We used the old wing root fairings to help us begin to puzzle out the location and attach points for the new fairings. Good progress was made, but that task is going to require a lot more time. The next work session will be Wednesday, October 16th at 9:00.
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