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Cub Work Session #290

It has wings! A major step toward completion of the Cub took place today. With a lot of great help, the left wing was mounted along with the lift struts. The airplane was then leveled and the jury struts installed on both sides. While installing the left jury strut, we ran into an unexpected issue. The jury strut incorporates the pitot tube. The tube exits the strut at the top and then connects to a tube inside the wing through a hole in the leading edge wing skin. But that hole was covered over and it was difficult to locate. Once we located where we thought the hole should be, we very nervously cut through the fabric and luckily found the connecting tube inside the wing right where we hoped. With both sets of jury struts installed, the final task of the day was mounting the ailerons. We left torquing bolts and dealing with cotter pins for next time. Mark Gosselin provided lunch, using the grill to cook us some of the leftover burgers from our picnic. The number of tasks left to complete is definitely shrinking. We need to run and connect aileron cables and work on wing root fairings next. The next work session will be Wednesday, October 9th at 9:00.
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