Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #289

Today saw some exciting progress on the Cub. The first order of business this morning was to finish work on the tail. With the use of a fish scale, the tail brace wires were adjusted and tensioned. Jerry then borrowed a cable tension device from the mechanics next door. Using that, the elevator turnbuckles were adjusted to achieve the required 35 pound tension on the elevator cables. The turnbuckles were then safety wired. The tail finished, attention turned to the wings. After doing some rearranging and planning, we proceeded to mount the right wing on the fuselage. This process went pretty smoothly, although stubborn paint in the bolt holes sometimes required the use of sandpaper followed by judicious use of a hammer. In the end, the right wing and its lift struts were successfully installed. We spent the last part of the session cleaning up for the chapter picnic meeting tomorrow night at 6:00. The next work session will be Saturday, October 5th at 9:00.
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