Chapter 524

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Cub Work Session #288

Two steps forward one large step back. By the end of the last work session the tail assembly was pretty much complete. Horizontal stabilizers, elevators, control cables and tail brace wires had all been installed. All that remained was a bunch of cotter pins, safety wire, and proper tensioning of the wires. But last Thursday Jerry and I came out to do some finishing up on the tail in preparation for Saturday’s work session. Jerry had the presence of mind to check the operation of the trim, which involves movement of the entire horizontal stabilizer on a jack screw mechanism. We soon realized something was wrong. The indicator in the cabin seemed to show that the stabilizer wasn’t moving through its entire range of travel. For awhile, we couldn't figure out whether it was the indicator wire or the mechanism itself. Finally, a close examination of the control system plans gave us the answer. The center tube that connects the front of the horizontal stabilizers to the yoke on the jack screw was out of position. It was facing up instead of down, which limited how far the yoke could travel up the jack screw. The fix was straight forward. The tube simply needed to be rotated to the down position. Unfortunately, that could only be accomplished with the removal of the horizontal stabilizers and everything attached to them. In other words, everything that had been assembled last work session had to be undone. Today we put it all back together again. Raegan and new member Dimitri teamed up reconnecting and cotter pinning the elevator control system. Meanwhile a couple of other tasks were accomplished. The all important data plate was permanently attached to the inside of the baggage compartment door. And the struts were unwrapped, tape removed, and hardware located to get them ready for mounting the wings. Once the tail was completely back together we began the process of tensioning the tail brace wires. That job is nearly complete and will be finished next time. The next work session will be Wednesday, October 2nd at 9:00.
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