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Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #287

Two major tasks were accomplished today on the Cub. Jerry and Jim spent a lot of time finishing and installing the skylight. It looks great. All of the new glass is so nice and clear, we keep accidentally trying to put our hands through it to reach into the cabin. The other project was the installation of the elevators. Installing the links that connect the elevator cables took some time since there is not much room to work with. We also torqued all of the bolts on the horizontal stabilizers and tail brace wires. Mary got a good lesson on how to use a torque wrench. The cables still need to have tension adjusted and the turnbuckles safetied. We had to undo the rear seat sling so that can be done next time. The tail brace wires also still need to be tensioned and rigged properly. Mike Hendricks returned from his trip to France and we got his signature on the Cub. We've done pretty well getting signatures, but we still have some missing. If you contributed any work on the Cub, no matter how small, please come by and add your signature. The next work session will be Saturday, September 28th at 9:00.
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