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Cub Work Session #285

The entire session today was spent on the painstaking and sometimes painful process of applying the black lightning stripe. After Chris' unsuccessful attempt to make one at work, Jerry ordered a stripe from a company that specializes in such things for aircraft. We had planned on cutting the new stripe to match the bolt that we had already applied. Unfortunately, we discovered that the new stripe had slightly different dimensions so matching them properly proved impossible. So we decided to remove the bolt that was already on the plane and apply the entire new stripe. That's where we ran into problems. The bolt on the left side came off okay, but on the right side, the outer layer of paint started to blister and come off with the bolt. This made an ugly mess on the right side. An attempt to repair it left a lot of wrinkles in the paint. Fortunately, the entire problem area will be covered by the stripe. Next time we will need to sand out the wrinkles and then carefully apply the stripe over the damaged area. Meanwhile, the left side stripe went on pretty well, although it was a tricky, slow process to get it all lined up correctly and then lay it down smoothly. We still need to eliminate a few bubbles, but overall it looks pretty good. We will tackle the right side stripe along with other projects next session which will be Saturday, September 21st at 9:00.
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