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Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #284

More details leading up to wing installation were completed today. Bob and Lou used an airbrush to touch up some details, especially the right swinging window frame that for some reason did not take paint well the first time. A lot of time was devoted to the top edge of the windshield. Although the rest of the windshield fit properly with some effort, the top holes did not quite line up with the holes on the airframe. The result was some painstaking filing and careful drilling to enlarge the holes in the plexiglass. With that job complete, sets of large washers and screws permanently secured the windshield. We had hoped to finish the lightning bolt stripe today, but the machine that Chris was using to cut the vinyl just wasn't up to the job. So Jerry is going to try ordering a stripe from a company that does such things for aircraft. Neil and Laura Wright came by to inspect our work. It won’t be long before Neil will be signing off on our restoration. If we get the stripe done and the tail feathers installed this coming week, we may put the wings on as early as next Saturday. The next work session will be Wednesday, September 18th at 9:00.
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