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Cub Work Session #281

Today was mainly about dealing with the lightning bolt and the Bear Cub decal. Both are tricky and somewhat nerve-wracking. We got the forward part of the vinyl lightning bolts from Clyde Smith, the Cub Doctor. We also got precise drawings of exactly how to position the entire stripe. The trick was to get everything positioned correctly and lined up so that when the rest of the stripe is applied, it ends up in the right spot back at the tail. This required a lot of planning, measuring, re-measuring, tape, and chalk lines. Then the actual vinyl bolt had to be carefully applied without tears, bubbles, or distortions of any kind. It was a painstaking process, but in the end it came out great. Now we just have to figure out how to get the rest of the stripe on there to match. The Bear Cub on the tail is an actual decal. The process for applying it is just like what we used to do to apply decals to our model airplanes, only bigger. Again, it was a delicate process and we had to take great care not to get bubbles or tears, but we managed to pull it off without any major problems. Meanwhile, a couple of other projects got some attention. The narrow black cushion between the boot cowl and the top cowling was glued in place. And a solution was worked out for the attachment of our shoulder belts. Also, the propeller hub was removed in preparation for getting the propeller mounted in the correct position for hand propping. After lunch, some of us drove to Don Priester's house in Damascus to pick up his donation of an O-235C2C engine. When we got it back to the chapter hangar, Jerry unpacked much of it and pronounced it to be in good condition and a good candidate for overhaul and return to service. The next work session will be Saturday, September 7th at 9:00.
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