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Cub Work Session #279

Another good day of progress on the Cub. We installed the ELT behind the rear seat in spite of the fact that the rear seat sling had already been put in, proving that it could be done that way. As mentioned in an earlier post, the fresh air inlet for the cabin heat box did not quite match the opening in the bottom of the cowling. That was solved today with some flexible scat tubing and some clamps. The rest of the scat tubing was also installed along with a couple more adel clamps. With that, the engine installation is now officially complete. Jerry also worked on fitting grommets in the top of the eyebrow baffles. Meanwhile, Peter worked on two projects. He gave the seat cushions a good cleaning and began the process of carefully removing the protective coating from the sliding left side window. Mark and Jim managed to install the front seat coverings and then Jerry tried it out by showing us how to climb into the front seat. We all concluded that hoisting oneself into the front seat was a whole lot easier when we were younger. The next work session will be Saturday, August 31st at 9:00.
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