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Cub Work Session #278

Several good things got accomplished on the Cub today along with the discovery of a possible setback. The correct size bolts were finally determined for the rear seat sling and through a lot of trial and error fitting, the sling is now installed correctly. (I couldn't resist putting in the seat cushions and trying it out.) Meanwhile the second brace for the eyebrow baffles was fabricated and installed. Hopefully, they will help prevent the baffles from cracking, which is a common problem on Cubs. The new Cub bear decals and the lightning bolt vinyl sticker arrived from Clyde Smith, the Cub Doctor. We were surprised to discover, however, that the sticker is only the forward portion of the lightning bolt. We called Clyde and he confirmed that the forward part is the only part that is supplied. Since it tapers in all dimensions, this is the part folks have trouble masking. He said most people just mask off and paint the rest of the stripe. Since we are done with the paint booth, we no longer have that option. We discussed some alternatives, but we still need to work out a solution. While we were working on all of this, the crate arrived for this weekend's RV workshop. We decided that since we had to clean up anyway, we would go ahead and unload the crate and do a major portion of the set up. Because of the workshop, the next Cub work session will be Wednesday, August 28th at 9:00.
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