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Cub Work Session #277

A lot of good progress on the Cub today. The brakes were finalized with the addition of brake fluid and the last of the clamps and tie wraps secured things in the engine compartment. Jerry and Mark modified the back of the eyebrow baffles slightly to better direct airflow over the cylinders. Another modification to the eyebrows recommended by the Cub Club is the addition of a stiffening rod at the front to help keep the eyebrows from vibrating so much. Without this, the baffles are reportedly prone to cracking within as little as twenty hours. Mark and Mike worked on fabricating a brace made from heavy welding rod. Meanwhile, Raegan and Jim were having something of a fight with the rear seat sling. The bottom of the seat is laced tight with cord, then the back is wrapped around a structural tube at the back and secured with bolts. But nothing seemed to quite work out. It was one of those things that required multiple rounds of trial and error fitting. Although good progress was made, it still needs more work to finish. The cowling was the final focus of the session. We did a trial fitting of both the bottom and top cowls. With some effort, everything fit okay except where the cabin heat inlet is supposed to exit the bottom of the cowl. For some reason the inlet doesn't quite line up with the hole in the cowl. Several solutions to this were discussed, but nothing done yet. We spent the last part of the session cleaning up for the IMC Club meeting next Tuesday. It turns out a lot of us happen to be going out of town this coming weekend, so there will be no work session on Saturday, August 17th. The next work session will be Wednesday, August 21st at 9:00.
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