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Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #275

We completed almost all of the engine connections today. The eyebrow baffles were finished and installed permanently. A new end fitting was brazed onto the primer line and it was permanently connected. The cabin heat cable was lubricated and finalized. A lot of time was devoted to the carburetor heat cable. It is a new cable, so it needed to be routed and then cut to fit, which was a multi-step process. The bracket air filter was also installed, as was the air scoop at the bottom of the cabin heat box. Early in the session we almost panicked when Jerry pointed out that the trim indicator was not indicating trim travel correctly. With the airplane covered, that wire would be very difficult to adjust. For awhile, we couldn't figure out what would have changed to make it start indicating incorrectly, since we knew it worked fine before we put the fabric on. Finally, Raegan came to our rescue. She pointed out that the tube in the tail that connects to the trim wire was moving more than it normally would because it doesn't have the weight of the horizontal stabilizers attached to it. Problem solved. Thank you, Raegan. Peter also spent some time cleaning up the window frame. When we painted it at the spray booth, some parts of the frame simply would not take the paint. We assume there must have been some sort of contamination on it. So Peter sanded all the offending parts and we will touch them up with the airbrush. The next work session will be Saturday, August 10th at 9:00.
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