Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #273

Connecting up the engine was again today's focus on the Cub. Before taking a flight lesson, Raegan worked on connecting the cabin heat cable. The most time was spent on the eyebrow baffles. The new shielded spark plugs do not fit under the baffle. This is especially true of the rear plugs. After some research it was determined that the only solution is to cut a hole in the baffle. Through a series of small holes and some filing, a perfect opening was made in one of the new baffles. We also obtained some slightly shorter plugs for the top that fit better under the baffles. The other major project was the retrieval of all of our painted parts from the paint booth. Once we got all of the parts and materials into Mark's van, we completely cleaned out the booth and disposed of a lot of trash. Again, many thanks to Neil Dickinson for the use of his paint booth these many months. The next work session will be Saturday, August 3rd at 9:00.
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