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Cub Work Session #272

Engine connections continued today. The throttle cable connection to the carburetor is tricky because the clamp that holds it in place is difficult to get to and it needs some sort of rubber cushioning to keep it from chafing against the oil tank. Mark and Raegan teamed up to accomplish that task and the result looks and works great. Jerry obtained a new nozzle for the primer and that was another task worked on that still needs to be finished. A lot of time was spent on the new engine eyebrow baffles. The new spark plugs are a lot taller than the originals and so the rear top plugs don’t fit under the baffles. The only solution is to cut a hole at the rear of the baffle for the spark plug to stick out, something we were reluctant to do to our shiny new baffles. After some research, we found that this is a common problem and most people solve it by making the hole. So we dug out the old baffles to use as a template and cut a trial hole in one of those. We’re hoping to make the hole as small as possible and not interfere with the cooling airflow over the rear cylinders. That project is still in progress. Meanwhile, Chris made us a set of vinyl N numbers that look like they will fit perfectly on the rudder. The last of the painting at the spray booth was also completed last week. This included touching up the ailerons, final re-coating of the horizontal tail surfaces, and painting a bunch of small parts. Many thanks to Neil Dickinson for loaning us the use of his paint booth and his patience as we took forever to get it all done. The next work session will be Wednesday, July 31st at 9:00.
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