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Cub Work Session #271

Connections to the engine continued today. The carburetor, which was turned around and remounted last time, still needed to be safety wired. So Mark took the opportunity to give Raegan a good course on safety wiring. She did really well. That done, she returned to her task of fixing and polishing the windshield. By the time she was done, it looked like new. Meanwhile, the oil breather tube was installed and we tried to install our new engine eyebrow baffles. It turns out the new larger spark plugs do not fit under the baffles at the rear. We are going to have to cut holes in the baffles to allow the rear top plugs to stick out above the baffles. We also began the process of connecting up the mag wires. Unfortunately, the labels on the wires had come off when we put the boot cowl on, so it took awhile to determine which wires went to which connections. Some time was also spent on the throttle cable. The correct routing for the cable was determined, but we found the throttle was somewhat hard to push through the mid part of its travel. The cause of this is still to be determined. We also discovered that we hadn't attached tubing to the airspeed indicator that will connect to the tubing coming in from the wing. That was fixed fairly easily. The next work session will be Saturday, July 27th at 9:00.
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