Chapter 524

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Cub Work Session #266

Today the boot cowl finally went on for good. For a long time we puzzled over why the cowl was stubbornly one quarter inch short of fitting properly. We finally decided that the culprit was the firewall blanket. In spite of being custom made for this model of J-3, the blanket never actually fit. We found that the blanket was wedging itself between the firewall and the mount where the bolts come through the firewall. So the boot cowl came off once again and we mercilessly went after the offending blanket with scissors. When the cowl was reinstalled, it finally fit. The only remaining issue is the fuel line that runs from the fuel tank to the gascolator on the firewall. The original style metal line fits, but touches one of the airframe tubes in the cabin which could cause wear from vibration. The solution to that problem is still to be worked out. Meanwhile, the baggage compartment frame and lid were installed and Raegan doggedly continued cleaning and polishing the edges of the windshield. The next work session will be Wednesday, July 10th at 9:00.
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