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Cub Work Session #265

We made good progress on the Cub today. Robert installed and tested the new ELT switch to replace the faulty one. Raegan also continued her tedious campaign to remove plastic residue from the edges of the windshield. Meanwhile, a lot of time and effort was devoted to permanently installing the boot cowl. A lot of preparation went into arranging and installing all of the various cables, wires, and tubing that passes through the firewall. All of it had to be installed and in position before the boot cowl could go on. It took awhile to wrestle the cowl into place as various things, including a fuel line, got hung up at some point in the process. The task is not quite complete. The cowl is still slightly off and will need a little massaging to get all the holes lined up. That will be our first job on Saturday. This week also saw an attempt to put the final yellow Ranthane coats on the wing and ailerons. It did not go well. We got the ailerons done first, and they appear to be finished. But when we started on the wing, we began to have problems with the gun not spraying a good pattern. We spent a lot of time troubleshooting, but to no avail. We concluded that a small part on the cup that holds the paint appeared to be broken, so we've ordered a new cup. The gun itself is also getting a deep cleaning. We'll try again sometime next week. The next work session will be Saturday, July 6th at 9:00.
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