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Cub Work Session #264

A lot of good progress on details today. A template was created for a black vinyl cover for the glare shield on the boot cowl. It took a lot of cutting, trimming and fitting before the cover was finally glued in place. With that done, the two metal strips that enclose the lower edge of the windshield could be permanently attached to the boot cowl. The cowl is now ready to be permanently installed. Meanwhile, more work was done to clean up the edges of the windshield. Raegan really figured out the technique for that. Some final details for the instrument panel were also completed. A small metal placard that says, "Rear Seat for Solo Flying" and the slip-skid ball indicator were both installed. This took longer than one might expect since everything had to be level and holes accurately drilled in the panel. Final mounting of the primer was also done. All of today's work was in preparation for the final installation of the boot cowl which will be shortly followed by mounting of the engine. Exciting stuff. Last week at the paint booth, the remaining wing and ailerons were given a coat of white Poly-Tone. The next paint session will be the final coats of yellow Ranthane. The next regular work session will be Wednesday, July 3rd at 9:00. That day will be the Cub’s 73rd birthday.
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