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Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #263

A small group today got a lot done. Jerry and Mike modified a new fitting for the primer system, and a new plug was drilled and fitted for the static port on the airspeed indicator. The exhaust system, which had to be unbolted for the engine mount to fit, was permanently remounted and the engine mount bolts secured with cotter pins. We has some concern about how close the right rudder cable was to our antenna ground plane behind the seats. To ensure there would be no contact, a portion of the ground plane was cut out. Raegan installed the horn on the bottom of the rudder for the tail wheel springs. She also helped Jerry do some more cleaning of the windshield edges. The proper size holes were drilled into the boot cowl for the windshield strips which will likely be installed next time. At the paint booth, the third and final cross coat of silver Poly-Spray was applied to the wing and ailerons. The next coat will be white. The next work session will be Saturday, June 29th at 9:00.
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