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Cub Work Session #262

Today the main focus was on attaching the engine mount to the engine. It took awhile because we had to trial and error our way through a maze of conflicting diagrams and documentation describing how it should be done. In the end a final combination of washers and torque was discovered that did the job to Jerry’s satisfaction. Meanwhile, Mike did some more work on the end fittings for the primer tubing and Bill cleaned the horn that goes on the bottom of the rudder and replaced its hardware. A large part of our remaining time was spent cleaning up for this weekend's electrical workshop. Unlike some other clean ups, this time we had to clear off all the tables so they could be used for the workshop. That meant putting away a lot of hardware, tools, parts, and projects that are in progress. Unfortunately, the result is that we tend to hide things from ourselves and end of searching for stuff when work resumes. On Tuesday, Bob Miller donned a fresh air mask and used his air brush to do some touch-up painting in the cabin. It came out great.There will be no work session on Saturday due to the workshop. The next Cub work session will be Wednesday, June 26th.
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