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Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #261

We worked on several projects today. The proper hardware arrived for installing the engine mount to the engine, so Joe and Mark set about to make that happen. It takes a lot of muscle to get the bolts tightened through the rubber mounts. When we left it, they still did not have enough of the bolt showing to install a cotter pin. Jerry will have to look at it on Wednesday. The new primer lines were fabricated and are now ready to install. We also drilled a hole in the instrument panel for the cabin heat cable and installed it. Sydney also cut out an inspection panel in the bottom of the plane that is needed for connecting the aileron cables to the control stick. With all the connections pretty much finalized we should soon be ready to permanently install the boot cowl. At the paint booth last week we sprayed the wing and ailerons with the second coat of silver Poly-Spray. We spent the last part of today's session cleaning up for the IMC club meeting on Tuesday. The next work session will be Wednesday, June 19th at 9:00.
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