Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #260

Today the focus was on getting all the various lines, cables, and wires that penetrate the firewall sorted out so that we can permanently install the boot cowl. The biggest challenge was the fuel line that runs from the fuel tank to the gascolator. Earlier, Jerry had ordered a metal line from Univair that was supposed to be a direct replacement for the original. But since we had replaced the shutoff valve, the connections didn’t match. It was decided then to order a flexible line instead, but today we discovered that it would require too sharp a bend in the line to work. So we went back to the metal line and spent a lot of time reworking the connectors. The end result fit perfectly. Robert was able to join us for a little while and he removed the faulty ELT Switch. A new one has been ordered. Meanwhile, we had two other interesting things going on. A young lady who had visited us on Saturday returned today to take a Young Eagles flight with Jerry. She did really well and plans to return to help on the Cub when she can. Dick Fox then surprised us with a visit in his Cub. As soon as he arrived, we were all over his plane comparing various things on his Cub to our project. Dick offered some good advice on several details. Work on the boot cowl and other projects will continue Saturday, June 15th at 9:00.
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