Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Est. 1975

Cub Work Session #259

Today was a very busy work day on the Cub. We had a good turnout, several visitors, and a lot of things going on at once. New copper tubing was fabricated and annealed for the oil pressure line. The new disks for the brake lines were drilled and fitted on the exterior fabric. Robert worked on hooking up the ELT remote switch and in the end determined the switch was broken and needs to be replaced. The cabin heat cable was cleaned, lubricated, and found to be in good shape. We used photos and the old panel to determine where to locate it. A lot of time was also spent trying to figure out how the engine mount connects to the engine. The drawings and the parts we have do not seem to match. Some new parts are being ordered to hopefully correct that issue. We had a young lady and her mom come to see the project and discuss the process of getting a Young Eagles ride. And a new chapter member joined the group. Overall, a good busy day. The next work session will be Wednesday, June 12th at 9:00.
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