Chapter 524

Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #258

We had a small group today, but still managed to make some good progress. One puzzle on the exhaust system was finally solved with the installation of some new clamps and a brace that connects the two shrouds. Earlier we had obtained the proper brace, but could not make the connections necessary. Nothing fit. We ordered two new clamps that matched the original part numbers and that solved the problem. A lot of time was also spent working out some of the many lines that run through the boot cowl. The small diameter primer lines were one focus. One of the old lines needs to be replaced and it is now on back-order. The other line needed to be annealed which was accomplished with a small torch. A new oil pressure line will also need to be fabricated. We also sanded the tail surfaces that need to be given another final coat of Yellow. The new small metal plates that go on the bottom fabric for the brake lines have been made and the ones that go on the inside of the fabric were glued in place. The exterior plates will be painted and then screwed into the interior plates. We spent the last part of the session cleaning up for tomorrow's chapter meeting. The next work session will be Saturday, June 8th at 9:00.
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