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Cub Work Session #257

June began with more steady progress on the Cub. Bob patiently continued using a combination of very fine sand paper and polish to clean and restore the edges of the windshield. Meanwhile, several of us worked on the somewhat tricky task of making the rudder cable connections. The cables exit the fuselage before connecting to the rudder horns. Locating the correct exit point is important so that the cable doesn’t wear against the fabric. Once that is determined and a hole cut, the cable is threaded through to the horn. A teardrop shaped leather reinforcing patch is then located and glued in place. Another group worked on the new fuel line that will connect the bottom of the fuel tank with the gascolator. This is one of several important connections that need to be put in place before the boot cowl can be permanently installed. A metal fuel line supplied by Univair proved to be unworkable, so work was begun on fabricating a flexible line. We also began sanding some of the control surfaces. We weren’t satisfied with how some of them turned out and so we are sanding them in preparation for putting another coat of yellow Ranthane on them once the wing is finished. At the paint booth, this past week saw the application of the first silver cross-coat of Poly-Spray.
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