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Frederick, MD.
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Cub Work Session #256

Steady progress on the Cub today. A lot of time was spent on the boot cowl and associated parts. The fuel tank needed to be adjusted so that the filler neck would be centered in the boot cowl opening. Holes for the windshield frame were marked and drilled. The new firewall blanket was worked on again to make it fit better and holes were cut for cabin heat and a clamp. With the boot cowl in place, we test fit the engine mount and inventoried all the hardware associated with mounting the engine. Meanwhile, all of the tail feathers were inspected with an eye to repainting at least some of them. We had done those first and were struggling with the paint gun that we eventually replaced. On some of them the finish is uneven so we are going to give them another coat after we finish the wing. The windshield also got some attention. It is in pretty good shape and may not need to be replaced. An attempt is being made to clean up some residue along the windshield's edges. The next work session will be Saturday, June 1st at 9:00.
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