Chapter 524

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Cub Work Session #255

Two and a half inches. You would be surprised how much trouble two and a half inches can cause. Two inspection rings were installed in the bottom of the fuselage two and a half inches too far aft. (My mistake. I misread the plans and placed the forward edge of the rings where the center point of the rings was supposed to be.) The openings are for the brake lines where they connect through the floorboards to the master cylinders in the cabin. The two and half inch error made it virtually impossible to route the brake lines so that the proper connection could be made. Several solutions were discussed, but the only viable work-around was to cut two new small holes in the fabric for the brake lines. The holes will be reinforced with thin aluminum disks (like large washers) and grommets. Mike and Bob created the disks in short order. We will need to paint the disks before everything can be finally installed. Meanwhile, this past week, two coats of Poly-Brush were sprayed on the wing and ailerons. We hope to begin the three coats of silver Poly-Spray sometime next week weather permitting. The next work session will be Wednesday, May 29 at 9:00.
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