Chapter 524

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Cub Work Session #254

Some days progress can be hard to come by. Today was one of those days. Mike and Jim decided that the heater shroud on the exhaust assembly should have nut plates instead of just sheet metal screws. This is because the shroud is subject to an AD that requires frequent inspection. So they disassembled the shroud and made the change. In the process of doing that, we discovered that a brace that is supposed to connect the shroud to the main part of the muffler lacks the proper clamps to make the connection. That issue remains to be dealt with. Meanwhile on the fuselage, several interesting issues presented themselves. The new firewall blanket, custom make by Airtex specifically for this model of J-3, doesn’t fit. It took time, but eventually it was more or less forced to fit. In the process of doing that, the boot cowl had to be mounted in its final position. That was accomplished without too much trouble, but we then discovered that the fuel tank filler neck was no longer centered in the opening in the cowl. The fuel tank mounting will need to be adjusted. While the boot cowl was in place we needed to determine the location for a series of holes that need to be drilled in the boot cowl for mounting the windshield frame. The frame consists of two metal strips that sandwich the bottom edge of the windshield. We got out the windshield and mounted it in place to mark the holes in the frame. That's when we noticed the paint flaking off the frame. Apparently the metal had not been prepped properly before painting. Those parts will need to go back to the paint shop. Chris, meanwhile, was looking at hooking up the brake lines where they come in from the inspection holes at the bottom of the airframe, up through the floorboards to the master cylinders. They don't fit. We’re not sure why that is yet, but the fix will probably involve disassembly of the cylinders. With some relief, it was then time for lunch. The next, more successful work session will be Saturday, May 25th at 9:00.
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