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Cub Work Session #253

Steady progress on the Cub today. The wheels came off again to torque the bolts for the brake mounts and to service the wheels. Raegan got her official “baptism by grease” as Jerry taught her how to grease wheel bearings. In preparation for installing the brake lines, she also cut out the inspection holes in the bottom of the fuselage. Once the wheels were back on the airplane, we were able to install our newly painted hub caps. They really look nice. A lot of time was also devoted to the boot cowl. We got a new firewall blanket and had to figure out how to fit it and make openings in it for cables and such. It proved to be trickier than it looked and is still a work in progress. After greasing the wheel, Raegan left to take her first scholarship flight lesson. We stopped a little early to clean up for Tuesday’s IMC meeting. The next work session will be Wednesday, May 22nd at 9:00.
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