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Cub Work Session #248

Puzzles. It can be frustrating when you take something apart and then when you go to put it back together nothings fits. For awhile, we had two cases of that going today. Tom Crone had made and installed the bushings for the tailwheel, so it was time to reassemble the tailwheel with all of its new parts. Jon Shimer and others spent the better part of the session trying to get all those little parts to cooperate with one another. But persistence pays off. By the end, our new Maule tailwheel was ready to go. Meanwhile, work continued on the shrouds for the muffler. Again, the tolerances are so tight that apparently the stars have to align somehow before things will go together properly. One reason for the difficulty was that some repairs had been made to one of the shrouds and just having rivets in the shroud prevented it from fitting. Progress was made on that, but there’s still more to be done. Earlier in the week we got the white coat of Poly-Tone on the fuselage. All that is left is the final coats of Yellow Ranthane. It turns out lots of people are going to be away this weekend so there will be no work session on Saturday, April 27th. On Tuesday morning, April 30th, three groups of high school students will be coming by for 45 minute sessions at our chapter house. Chris Gunther is coordinating our role in this and will be doing a demonstration and hands-on activity related to airplane building. We will also have the Zodiac on display and give a demonstration and discussion of a pre-flight inspection. Others are welcome to come help with that. Our next work session will be Wednesday, May 1st at 9:30.
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